The Voice of Angels

Angels in Kansas City Church

In 1987, a group of seven people went to clean a church in Kansas City in preparation for a Christian revival. After cleaning the church, they stood by the altar and began singing the word “Hallelujah” repeatedly. As they were singing, the sound engineer arrived. He thought their voices were beautiful, and turned on the sound equipment to record them. A nearby microphone on the altar captured the group singing.

After the revival meeting, the sound engineer reviewed the recording and discovered there were many other voices singing harmoniously with the seven, along with musical instruments. (A recording of this type is known as an EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena.) The sound was so awesome, he had it analyzed by scientists at Oral Roberts University. Those experts discovered several things about this phenomenal recording: 1) the extra voices were not human; some were at a pitch far higher than any human was capable of, and some carried a tune much longer than any human could. 2) The instrumental sounds were not made by anything of this earth.

They also discovered there was layer upon layer of voices, which could easily number in the tens of thousands. They stopped counting voices at around 20,000.

In one part of the recording a male voice is heard singing these words:

“Hallelujah, breathe it all across the land
Everybody’s singing at the Lord’s command
All the saints and the angels up in glory wait to hear the news
of Jesus and his children that they’re coming soon.”

Remember, the seven at the altar only sang the words “Hallelujah”.

While listening to this recording, go ahead and sing out loud…someday we’ll be doing this in heaven with the angels!