The Truck

During the summer of 2004 I purchased a new pickup truck. In the years since it has seen a lot of use; hauling fire wood, dirt, construction materials, furniture, etc. During one out-of-town trip I even slept overnight in the back. It was extremely reliable and my kids grew up knowing that truck – it was almost a part of the family.

After recently purchasing a new car for my wife, it became apparent that we had one too many vehicles. I hesitated to sell the truck though. It was still in excellent mechanical condition and besides, there were lots of memories in it. So it remained parked in the driveway of our house while I decided what to do.

One day while at home, I felt an urgent prompting from The Lord to sell the truck. Immediately I went outside and took some pictures, then placed an ad online. Within 10 minutes the phone rang and, a lady said her work vehicle had broken down and this truck sounded like a perfect replacement. In addition, it was priced just right. She and her husband came over and test drove the truck. Upon return she commented that she had turned the truck radio on and, that we both listen to the same Christian radio station. We began talking about our faith. She shared how her vehicle had broken down only hours ago and needed another right away. I shared how the urgent need to post the ad had happened so suddenly and she was the first caller. We agreed that God’s hand was upon this. After talking for a while, they purchased the vehicle and drove away.

This was truly a divine meeting and, though a bit sad to see the truck go, I was thankful that God was involved in this situation. Prompted by the Holy Spirit to act, I responded. Thank you Heavenly Father for caring about your children so much. We love you!