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Our ministry is self-funded and we are thankful you are considering helping - we can't do this alone and need you! There are many ways you can be supportive of this life-changing ministry.

1. Financial Support:

a) PayPal: Donate

b) Donate

c) Personal Check – mail to: Casting Out Doubt, 1773 Garden Lane, St. Paul, MN 55110

d) Online Bill Pay - if you have a checking account that offers online banking, you can set Casting Out Doubt up as one of your "Pay To" accounts for one time donations or scheduled offerings. Just add "Casting Out Doubt", along with our mailing address, to your account setup and they will issue a paper check to us on your behalf.

2. Purchase One of Our Books or Prayer System on Amazon:
Casting Out Doubt
Painful Secrets
Closing the Gateways to Hell

3. Pray for us! Psalm 17:6 "I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer."

4. Share our posts on social media. If there is any post on our blog that has helped you in anyway, please share! The more people that see our site will help us grow and expand our reach.

Below are the links to all of our social media accounts:

Many thanks for supporting this ministry! Because of your help we can reach the world for Jesus Christ!


*Complete outreach packages with videos (Fiverr)
*Full presentation development with consultant (Cory Johnson)
*Publicist to arrange radio and TV appearances (Adams PR Group)
*Social Media Consultant (Upwork)
*Rent rehearsal space (Capri, Ritz, Intermedia)
*Speaking wardrobe design and acquirement (Cory J)
*Computers, laptops and office equipment for expansion (Best Buy)
*Book table items (books, Gateways printouts, t-shirts, song CD's etc.)
*Design book table banners and setup (Fiverr)
*Accountant (Mia)
*Ministry vehicle
*Operating capital (necessary travel, etc.)