• 1. Easier to invite people to church: If we can definitively prove the existence
    of God, then the congregations fear, uneasiness or anxiety of inviting family,
    friends and neighbors is significantly reduced. It’s no longer a “gamble” as to
    whether or not they can “somehow convince them” there is a God. The
    ‘Casting Out Doubt’ presentation will provide them all the proof they need!

  • 2. Name recognition. How many hundreds of people in your community can
    you boldly reach who had previously never heard of you? How many more had
    heard of you but never thought about checking your church out? Let’s change
    that! ‘Casting Out Doubt’ is the perfect time to invite everyone to your church
    and discover that God is real. (One of the best parts is that many of these
    people will return – on fire for The Lord, and will tell others! How cool is that?)

  • 3. More volunteers. After these events we typically see many people volunteer
    for the first time. Discovering how real God is strikes a chord in their hearts
    and increases their desire to be closer to Him and to serve Him. This could
    take the size of your core team to a whole new level. It also makes events of
    this magnitude easier in the future as the congregation will remember how
    impactful ‘Casting Out Doubt’ was, and will be eager to become involved
    and remain connected.

  • 4. Follow-up resources for your congregation will be provided to keep the
    conversation and outreach going. This is not a superficial, flash-in-the-pan,
    hit-and-run event. The goal is to make a long lasting impression that will draw
    them closer to The Lord in a powerful way, enabling them to reach a lost
    world for Christ – in a compelling, nurturing and viral manner.

We’ve all had doubts. The bible speaks of it even among those who walked with Jesus: “Are you the Messiah we’ve been expecting, or should we keep looking for someone else?” Matthew 11:3.

Being skeptical means a person is open to the truth and will accept the light when they see it. We also know that unbelief is someone who’s OK with living in the darkness.

‘Casting Out Doubt’ is a dynamic and energetic presentation that will break through any skepticism or unbelief. The result will be a congregation that is more responsive, ablaze, involved and passionate about serving The Lord.

Pastor Tim accomplishes this by sharing true stories that PROVE God Is Real! While we all enjoy a good story about the amazing works of God, especially those which involve healing’s & miracles, or visions, prophecies & words of knowledge (gifts of the Holy Spirit), we sometimes wonder who are the people these things are happening to? (Someone heard it from a neighbor whose friends, cousins, uncles, neighborhood paperboy heard it from another neighbor, whose 3rd uncle twice removed read about it on the internet?)

Unlike those stories, what Pastor Tim shares he has either witnessed, been a part of, or had it happen directly to him. No preaching or teaching – but rather true inspirational stories that clearly prove the existence of God. This presentation will increase the faith of the congregation and reinforce the church pastor(s) teachings that Jesus is real, alive and our Savior.

Available for worship services; seminars; coaching and leadership training time with pastor(s); church staff, volunteer or committee meetings; or thank-you events for church supporters.


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