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Casting out Doubt is a ministry designed to eliminate doubts of Gods existence, and help Christians searching for abundance, prosperity, healing's and blessings

Do You Want To Be…
blessed with God's infinite abundance?
healed of physical and spiritual ailments?
what God desires you to be, and spend eternity with our Lord?

Would You Like To…
heal your relationships?
learn how God gifts someone who believes, and walks by faith alone?

You can receive answers to all these questions here at

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To help you get the most out of this website, please bookmark this page and follow these steps;

  1. Go to the Blog and begin reading the posts there as well as watching the videos. These are some of the true and exciting stories of Pastor Tim, as well as news and other relevant information.
  2. Stop spiritual harassment where you live and work. Read instructions on how to spiritually cleanse and bless your home and/or workplace on the Fresh Start page. Once you follow the instructions, you’ll be able to say, “Not today Satan!” with real confidence.
  3. Check out the Closing the Gateways to Hell prayer system. If you are experiencing challenges in your health, finances or relationships, this important step can help protect you from these type of attacks from the enemy.
  4. Read Pastor Tim's book, 'Casting Out Doubt'. It contains many powerful, credible & verifiable stories that prove God is real! These are the fascinating and inspiring true stories of one man who believed and gave everything up to The Lord to walk completely by faith alone. This could revolutionize your spiritual life! Purchases of this book help support our ministry. Thank you! 
  5. If you know of any children or teens that could benefit from information on stopping / preventing bullying, download Bully Proof. Pastor Tim is an expert on bullying prevention and wrote this as a step-by-step manual to help stop and prevent bullying.
  6. Join us on social media; and / or