Pray Daily

I pray, everyday. Sometimes people ask me to pray for them. (Always happy to do so). Here’s a few stories from just this past week;

A man called me and ask that I pray for a friend of his who was in pain. As I prayed there was a sense that the pain was not from the heart or other organs such as the liver, kidneys, etc., nor was it from the extremities. The pain was coming from the lower part of her torso. I also sensed there was a divide between her and a family member and that she desired her family to stand with her and not be condemning of her. I prayed for these conditions / situations. At the conclusion of the prayer my friend told me that the woman’s pains were coming from her ovaries and that she needed surgery. He also said that in recent days her dad had begun arguing a lot with her and that made her very upset.

He called me back the following day to let me know that her pain had completely gone away and her relationship with the father had been restored.

A day later a young lady asked for prayer saying she was lonely. I sensed some broken relationships through no fault of her own. As I stood in her family home I prayed against relationships that were broken and asked for restoration.

Within an hour a friend of the young lady approached her and apologized for treating her wrongly. The young lady told me how they “hugged it out” and are now best friends.

The following day her mom got a voicemail (remember, I was in their family home) from someone she had not been on friendly terms with for several years. That person accepted full responsibility for their broken relationship and apologized.

Quite honestly, I often see prayers answered. Have you prayed lately? If not, why not? Is it because praying is not hip, cool, macho, or are you just lost in the world? Let me ask you this: Who would you rather impress; God or the world?

I made my choice. Have you?