Pastor Tim Witnesses a Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal investigations. Normally I do not get involved in those, however, after hearing about things that were happening at one particular house, curiosity tugged at me and I decided to look further into this location. Years prior it was the summer retreat for a former Governor of Minnesota. Later it became a hospice. It was currently a multi-tenant house with only one occupant; a man named Bill.

The following Friday evening myself and others entered the home at the invitation of the sole resident. The house was in a secluded area with no neighbors close by.

Now Bill had claimed he had heard his name called several times and had seen shadows and even had electronics turning off and on again by themselves. He then warned us about the basement; “Don’t go there”, he said, “There’s something very evil down there.”

First thing we did was pray for protection. Being a pastor I was asked to lead those in attendance in a prayer, which I did, asking for angels to surround and protect us.

Next we walked around the main floor trying to get a sense of anything unusual. Every room I walked into gave me the chills. It truly felt as though something, or someone, was there watching us.

Bill mentioned that most of the voices he had been hearing were coming from the upper floor. As we walked up the steps I could feel a distinctive chill in the air. Not that is was colder, but there was definitely an unseen presence I could sense. The lights remained out and it was barely illuminated by some moonlight coming in from a few closed windows. I had a digital camera and took 2 pictures, standing in the same spot, and less than 5 seconds apart. Take a look at these pics – does it look like there’s a shadow in one of them?

We then returned to the main floor, where I asked if anyone wanted to go into the basement. Again, out-of-curiosity. One person said yes, so I walked to the basement door and began opening it. The door had barely moved a few inches when someone on the other side of the door pulled it closed – hard! I turned towards Bill and asked if he indeed lived alone and if there was anyone else in the home. He assured me that both statements were true. I tried again to open the door, only this time it would not budge. Not only that but the door handle would not turn, and there wasn’t a lock on it.

Common sense took over and I backed away from the door. At this point I had basically seen enough and was ready to leave. A suggestion was made to return to the upper floor and try an experiment. It is believed that spirits are an energy source and they seek out other energy sources to interact with the physical world. The experiment therefore would be as follows: Place a dozen size D batteries, fully charged on a table and invite any unseen force to use the energy contained in those batteries. We would also place a digital sound / voice recorder on the table and begin recording. Then we would simply leave the house and return later.

Once we completed that setup, we left the house. Several hours later, Bill retrieved the recorder and batteries. Those batteries which were brand new, were now all nearly depleted. Then we listened to the sound recording – what we heard shocked all of us! There was a woman screaming, a dog barking, a man and woman having a conversation, some odd music, adult laughter, several voices singing, things being physically moved around, etc. Remember, this was in an EMPTY house with no nearby neighbors. Oh, an did I mention the digital sound / voice recorder was brand new? Fresh out of the store packaging, and it was completely blank until we used it to record upstairs in that house.

I’ve posted a few clips from that sound file below. There were some parts of the recording that, as a Christian, I will not post (deep growling noises, etc.)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in The Lord, if you needed proof of something beyond this life, this is it! But rest assured that no matter what’s on the other side of this life, Jesus is there and He loves us very much! No need to worry or be concerned about what’s over there – just focus on The Lord being there!

[Note: I DO NOT routinely conduct paranormal investigations and am NOT interested in partaking in them beyond this one time. My focus in on The Lord and serving Him. While it was an interesting experiment, I have no desire whatsoever to do that again. It is my belief and opinion that any time spent involved in paranormal investigations takes away from our time building a relationship with the Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Additionally, I also believe that conducting paranormal investigations could potentially cause a person to be spiritually harassed. Having been through this one time, my advice is to avoid these type of investigations entirely and spend that time worshiping, praying, studying the bible, or fellow-shipping with other believers.]