Mall of America

On April 12, 2019 a man (Emmanuel Aranda) went to the Mall of America “looking for someone to kill”. He chose a 5-year-old boy (Landen) and threw him off a third-floor balcony.

Several days prior to this incident I had a sudden urge to visit the Mall of America, and invited my wife out on a date there. During that time we took an escalator to the 3rd floor. I was on the right side and as we got to the top I looked over the edge to the first floor, and had an intense feeling of terror (I am not afraid of heights and this is not a typical reaction for me.) I grabbed my wife by the hand and said, “We need to leave this area.” As we walked away I remember praying for God’s presence to be there and surround that area. I didn’t fully understand what or why that happened, until a few days later.

The boy survived and later said he was caught by angels and that Jesus loves him, so he’ll be fine.

Landen made a full recovery and is now back in school.

God is good – all the time!