Kenneth, God Called You By Name

During my daily prayer time The Lord kept giving me the name “Kenneth”. He was telling me that I would soon meet Kenneth and would have an impact on his life. He also said that meeting would be important to a man I knew in church named Tomas.

A few days later, as church service was ending, I felt compelled to prayer walk the perimeter of the room the church service was held in. I had gone nearly full circle in the room when I sensed the need to stop. It was an area where most everyone previously seated there had already left. There was, however, a tall, large man sitting there – someone I had not seen before. So, there I was, standing only a few feet behind this man, praying. The man turned towards me and asked, “Is there a reason you’re standing behind me?”

I replied, “I’m just praying, sir. But if it bothers you I’ll move.” He didn’t reply, he just turned toward the front of the room again. After taking a few steps to the right, my prayer continued.

Several minutes later he turned towards me once again, only this time he apologized:

“I’m sorry”, he said, then continued, “I’m here tonight because I feel broken and I’m just ready to give it all up to God.”

“Well sir, you’re in the right place,” I said, “Can I have a few men pray with you?”

“Yes,” he replied, to which he added, “My name is Kenneth.”

I smiled and told him that I’d be right back. I knew exactly the person to have pray with him; Tomas. I located him at the front of the church and requested he come pray with the man I had just met. Tomas agreed and as we moved to the back of the room I pointed him out. Suddenly Tomas stopped right in his tracks, turned to me and said, “I don’t think I can pray with him – I had trouble with that guy before!” So there it was – the ah-ha moment – one that explained, at least partly, why God wanted Tomas involved; reconciliation.

“Tomas,” I said, “The man wants prayer – he’s ready to give it all up to The Lord. I truly believe you’re supposed to pray with him. Come, pick up your cross and let’s go to him. I’ll have some other men join us.” He agreed, and we again began walking towards Kenneth.

Along the way I found two other men who would go pray as well – one of them was a friend from Liberia. He seemed surprised that I had invited him, and had almost a boyish smile on his face. It seemed almost like he was over-joyed, yet also nervous. Hmm…interesting.

During our prayer time Kenneth admitted that he had been doing drugs and was involved in some illegal activity. He said that he was broken as a man and wanted to be rebuilt based upon God’s teachings. We all took turns praying for him – then Tomas led him in a prayer of repentance and acceptance. Right then and there he asked forgiveness and invited Jesus into his life! He agreed to begin going to church and studying the bible. Praise The Lord!!

At the end of our prayer time Tomas and Kenneth hugged. Well played Heavenly Father – well played indeed.

The following day I got a phone call from the wife of my Liberian friend. She said “Thank you” for inviting her husband to pray with the other men – that was something he had never been asked to do before. Oh…now I finally understood his reaction to my invitation. Another surprise orchestrated by our Father. I love having The Lord in the drivers seat of my life!