Junk Mail? Not This Time!

Junk mail. Some days i seems as though it piles up faster than I can sort through it. Today was no exception – except that I hadn’t gone through it in a week, so there was plenty and the pile seemed big. As I quickly sorted through the mail, there was a postcard that caught my attention. Nothing about the company it advertised appealed to me, in fact, it was a product I would never use. But there I was, staring at the toll-free number on the card. Almost as if God had a giant Universal Life Remote Control and had pushed the “pause” button.

Then The Lord spoke and said, “Call that number.”

“Lord,” I replied, “But I don’t use that (product).”

The Lord spoke and again said, “Call that number.”

Obedience to God is an important trait in any Christian, so I dialed the number on the postcard. The phone rang and while I waited for someone to answer, thoughts about what words should be used went through my mind. Then a woman answered and said, “Thank you for calling [name withheld] company, my name is [name withheld], how can I help you?”

While I wasn’t certain what to say, I did sense there was some stress in her voice. I commented on this and she replied that today was a very rough day for her. I encouraged her to share with me what was troubling her. She went on to tell me that she had just recently accepted Jesus as her Savior. She had also just joined a church. She was now being pressured by a non-believer friend who wanted her to return to drinking alcohol, partying and sleeping with various men. That friend wanted her to resume those activities that very evening, right after work!

The friend had called several times that day, so the pressure was on.

The lady I was speaking with then shared that she had been praying to God, asking Him to send someone to reassure her that remaining a Christian was the right thing to do. She had decided that if God sent her someone before the end of her shift at work, then she would take that as a sign she should move forward from her previous life, and not look back. If she didn’t hear from anyone there was a strong likelihood she would backslide into her former life – especially being pressured as she was by her friend.

I asked how long her shift was. She replied, “8 hours.”

Oh, OK, and how much time before her shift ended? She began weeping and said, “7 minutes!”

Wow, talk about cutting it close! We spent the next (and final) 7 minutes of her shift talking about how awesome God is and how she could be closer to Him. Just before we closed in prayer she asked for my mailing address – that way I could be removed from their mailing list, which would reduce the amount of junk mail I received. We prayed, I blessed her, and hung up.

Months went by and I sometimes wondered how things turned out for her. My answer arrived by mail one day; it was a letter from her. After thanking me for responding the promptings of The Lord, she said that she had remained a Christian, was involved in a good church and had met a man there – those two are already engaged!

That letter is put away and stored as a treasure, even to this day. Never heard from her again, but I somehow sense she’s going to be fine. Hopefully we’ll see each other in heaven!

What would have happened if I never made that call. Thankfully one will never know.
Thank You, Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit for intervening in her life!