Houston Flood of 2017

When a storm of biblical proportions hit Houston in the summer of 2017, many churches were not prepared. The reason is because their focus is on profits and not the prophets to whom the great I AM speaks through. Had those churches listened to the prophets, they would have known, as I did, beforehand that this storm was coming. Then they would be prepared and, having sounded the alarm before it happened, many would come to believe in God and accept Jesus as their Savior. But that’s not what happened. It was business as usual right to the end (larger congregations = more profits + more prestige for the pastor). When the time to act was upon them, the time to prepare had passed. There are supposed to be five offices in each church (as mentioned in Ephesians 4:11); apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Take a look around and ask yourself; are all five in most churches? The honest answer is, “Nope, not even close”. Prophets such as myself have stopped talking publicly because of being shunned by churches. I share knowledge to those who will listen. Unfortunately those numbers are dwindling as people are lured away by the lies of Satan. As for the churches; if the blind lead the blind they shall both fall into the pit. For many are called but few are chosen.