Instructions for Cleansing and Blessing Your Home and/or Workplace

It is important that you cleanse / bless your home and, to some extent, your work place. As an example: A school teacher can cleanse / bless their classroom, but not the rest of the school. Why? The deciding factor is authority; what do you, the believer, have authority over? A truck driver can cleanse / bless their truck, but not the buildings they are delivering to. A child can bless their own bedroom, but not the rest of the house.

Let me make this point clear; while you cannot “Bless” a place you do not have authority over, you can bless yourself for protection and pray for the places you are at that you have no authority over.

The first step in the cleansing & blessing process is to obtain a glass (or other clean container) of fresh water - preferably straight from the water faucet. If this is not possible, then bring water from another place with you. Gather together anyone else who will participate in this cleansing / blessing and ask them to bow their heads in prayer.

(Note: It is not necessary to have anyone go through the cleansing / blessing process with you, however, be sure you are cleansing / blessing those areas’ which you have authority over. If there is more than one person involved, then he/she who has the highest authority should be the one holding the glass or other container of water. Example; if a single parent is doing this with his/her children and possibly some church members, then the parent who lives in that home would be the one holding the water glass / container. If there are two parents, then they can both hold the water glass / container.)


Hold up the glass / container of water and say the following prayer:

“Father God, I/we come before You in the name of Jesus and ask that this water be spiritually turned into the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. Just as He turned water into wine, please allow this water to be turned into His blood, that I/we may use it to cleanse and bless this place. Father God, please send a Spirit of protection to surround me/us as we move forward with cleansing and blessing this place. In the mighty name of Jesus, I/we pray. Amen.”

Remain in prayer for a few more minutes and in your own words thank the Father for the gift of His son, Jesus. Thank Jesus for His presence. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you during the cleansing & blessing process and, show you areas that are of special concern so that you can give those areas extra blessings.

Now, move throughout the house, room, or area that you have authority over and begin cleansing and blessing it. You do this by dipping your fingers into the water and either flick your fingers or wave your hand, causing drops of water to end up on the walls. Do this to all the walls, doors and windows. Each time you do this, say the following; “The blood of Jesus!” – or, “The mighty blood of Jesus!” – or, “The holy blood of Jesus!”

As you move through the area you’re cleaning & blessing, continue thanking God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for Their presence. Tell the enemy they no longer have any authority to remain there – say that you have authority and they (Satan and His followers) have no authority, whatever authority they once had is now broken and command them to leave in the name of Jesus!

Be attentive to promptings of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes there can be items in the home which are unclean or otherwise don’t belong there. Many times they don’t appear to be Satanic in nature, but rather an unclean spirit was somehow given permission to enter the home using that item as a gateway. Once, during a cleansing & blessing the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the gateway was a toy in a child’s closet. Once that toy was blessed and removed from the home, there was an immediate sense of peace throughout the house. Again, remain open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

(Note: Any items removed from the house, work place, room, etc. should be thrown into a trash dumpster away from where they were taken. Better yet, destroy them in a bonfire. That’s my personal preferred method.)

Be sure to cleanse & bless areas where someone could hide; in the shower, behind doors, closets, etc. Think about the game hide-n-seek. Anywhere someone could hide you should be cleansing & blessing that area. I’ve personally been with someone as they cleansed & blessed their home. During that process I said we should bless a small area behind an open door. As they did that, we both felt an unseen force push both of us aside, then the window rattled loudly as though something had just gone through it.

During most cleanings / blessings that I attend there are no audible or physical signs of a presence or entity. However, afterwards there is always a heightened sense of peace and calmness. On occasion however we do experience some signs of an enemy presence; moaning, shouts, items on a shelf rattling or even being pushed onto the floor. If you experience any of these, do not be frightened! God is bigger than the enemy and He is with you and protecting you. Move forward and continue the cleansing & blessing.

Once you are finished cleansing & blessing the house or other area, do not pour the remaining water onto the ground or down the drain. Remember, this water is now the blood of Jesus and must be treated respectfully. Some of the things we’ve done with the remaining water; a) splash the rest onto the front door of the house while declaring that all who enter, they enter alone and no evil presence may come in with them; b) continued blessing the home until the water was used up; c) drank it.

Now, say this closing prayer;

“Heavenly Father, I/we thank You for the awesome gift of Your Son, Jesus. For it is by His blood that I/we have cleansed and blessed this home (work place, room, etc.) Now Father, please send angels of protection to inhabit and surround this place to keep the enemy away. Thank you Lord! In Your Holy Name I/we pray. Amen.”

Congratulations, you have cleansed and blessed that area! It should feel
lighter and more peaceful. I personally repeat this process on a somewhat
regular basis, (about every 2 months or so) or sooner if we feel the need.