Something in Your Past May Be Allowing Satan Access to Your Life. It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way. You Can Experience a Life of Victory By Closing Those Gateways to Hell. Here’s How …

When we first accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are born again! This means that God has forgotten our previous sins and sees us as a new creation:

“I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions, for My own sake, and remembers your sins no more.”
–Isaiah 43:25
“Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.”
–Hebrews 10:17

Satan, however, has not forgotten those sins which are the gateways He uses to attack us.

That’s why it seems Satan can attack over and over again, whenever he wants! When we committed a sin in the past, we gave permission (opened a gateway) to Satan and his demons to operate in our lives. Even though God has forgiven our sins, that alone does not close the gateway we opened. Satan is under no obligation to forget about the sins we committed; he is the great accuser.

The most common area’s Christians see attacks in:




When these attacks happen, people like yourself often wonder if it’s a test from The Lord or not. However once these gateways are closed, you, the believer can finally be confident that every challenge in your life is a true test from God, because Satan’s legal access to your life will be cut off! When the harassment is gone, you can respond in a way pleasing to The Father: Go through it, to grow through it, with a thankful and humble heart.


It is step #3 that many miss as a Christian. Our 10-day program will guide you through these three essential steps. At the end of the program, the gateways to hell which were previously opened in your life, will be closed!

While many have confessed their sins and asked forgiveness, very few have closed the gateway they opened through sin.

It’s no wonder then that many people struggle with their health, finances or relationships.

While their past sins have been forgiven, they have an open gateway (one or more) that allows Satan access to those specific areas of their lives. That makes it difficult, or sometimes even impossible, to walk in victory with The Lord.

Experience The Presentation That Proves The Authenticity Of God

Closing these gateways cuts off any access the enemy has in your life. In other words, Satan and his followers cannot claim legal access to you through previous sins. To do this without proper guidance would be a difficult task, and even impossible for many. Our 10-day program guides you step-by-step through each day and explains the why, when and how — it’s precise, simple and effective.

This program is straightforward and has made a profound difference in the lives of many others like you.

This is your opportunity to walk in victory with this powerful blueprint for an abundantly-filled life!