Brother Jim, Where Art Thou?

When this ministry started, the first assistant was my brother, Jim. Because of how powerful this ministry is and the impact it would make on the Kingdom of God, we knew there would be spiritual harassment. What we never expected was just how much or to the incredible level the enemy would go to stop it. Almost immediately he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Doctors said they caught it in time and it was treatable. Then, within a few weeks my brother’s wife suddenly became very ill. Four days later she passed. Within days after her funeral, Jim’s health became suddenly much worse and he was hospitalized. This time he was told that the normally treatable cancer had spread dramatically and that the cancer was now terminal. He was given 6 – 9 months to live.

Overnight his condition again worsened and, they reduced the life expectation to only weeks. The following day he was transferred to a hospice. As I sat bedside with him, he made the comment that he was nervous about “What’s on the other side.” I asked him if he remembered the stories I wrote in Casting Out Doubt? He replied, “Yes.” I continued, “Those are all 100% real.” He looked right at me and smiled. We said “I love you” and “I love you too” to each other as I left and went home.

The following morning he was discovered unconscious and, never woke up again. That evening as my wife and I were bedside, holding him, Jim took his final breath and passed away. We remained with him for some time afterwards as we notified family and friends. When the funeral home arrived to transport Jim, I knelt next to the bed, placed my right hand on his right thigh and cried – no, I sobbed, uncontrollably, for several minutes.

His funeral was a few days later. One week to the day after Jim’s passing, I was home alone and felt a wave of sadness come over me. I laid down on my bed to rest and, after five minutes I felt a hand grab my right thigh and squeeze it. I looked around and saw no one in the room. There was nothing in my pockets that could have moved and caused that sensation, nor was there a fan blowing. The blanket was off to the side and I was laying perfectly still. There was no apparent physical reason for me to have felt someone squeezing my thigh. My response was this; I looked up and said, “Thank you, Jim!” I truly believe it was him letting me know he was alright.