A God Kind of Surprise

Recently I was invited to speak at a church luncheon. The food was delicious and the people were eager to hear more about my message. During worship I sensed that something different was going to happen that day – no clue as to what that might be though. It was going to be a surprise; a God kind of surprise! (I love those.) While waiting I prayed for a sense of The Lord had planned. But He kept it hidden, and would do so until just the right moment.

The final event of the luncheon was my presentation. I enjoyed speaking about His goodness, mercies and miracles as much as they were thrilled to hear about them. Then, 45 minutes later, I wrapped up by inviting people to the front for prayer, and….

There I stood, still waiting for the surprise.

In fact, the only surprise so far was that it hadn’t happened yet. Was this a test of some sort – one to see if doubt would creep in?

No, if God says it, then it’s going to happen! It’s all in His timing. The first person steps up for prayer – I take hold of her hand, and then it happens….

Before she can say even one word, God showed me exactly what she needed prayer for. So I called out her need and began praying about that need. The tears flow as she nods her head in agreement – God was showing her how real His is and, that out of His love for her He truly cares about her needs.

Then the next person stepped forward and…

It happened again! Soon as I took their hand The Lord revealed to me their need. By now everyone who had been praying for others saw what was happening. They too got into line for me to pray with them. I ended up praying for singles, couples, moms, dads, young, old…

For over an hour God revealed to me the needs of every person that stepped forward for prayer – which was the entire room!

If that happened to you, what would that do to your level of faith?

Though this was just recently, I’m already hearing numerous reports of prayers answered.

Thank You Lord!!

1 Samuel 3:10 “Speak, for your servant is listening.”