God Vs. The Chinese Government

A Chinese man, Hui, who was one of my groomsmen and a good friend, had shared some things with me about his wife and one-year-old daughter who were back in China. He said that he been trying to bring them here, but the Chinese government refused to let them leave the country. Hui told me how the Chinese government controls who is allowed to leave the country and for how long. In fact, he said, he even had to first get permission to leave his job and then get permission to come here. In China, he said, you are not free to come and go as you please like in America. He said he missed his wife and daughter a lot and then looked away from me for a moment.

When he turned around again and faced me, I could almost see the pain in his eyes. It was as if he was holding back the emotions he had inside of him.

He then said his wife was still trying to get permission to come here, but it didn’t look very promising. And even if they did give her permission to quit her job and then permission to leave the country, they could always deny her from bringing their daughter. In China, he said, they have that kind of power.

I felt sorry for him and his family and wanted to help him, but didn’t know how. I told Hui that if he needed any help, I’d be there for him. Several nights later I was at home finishing supper and started thinking about Hui again. I decided to spend some time praying for him.
I stood in the living room and began praying in my own way by using simple words. I knew that he was very sad about his wife and child not being able to be here in America with him. However, because of the way he was raised and the culture he is from, he could not outwardly express his sorrow. I felt as though the Lord wanted me to experience Hui’s pain so that I would know how he felt as I prayed for him.

Suddenly I felt an intense sadness come over me. It was stronger than anything I had felt in a long time and was becoming stronger with every passing minute. Before too long the emotional pain was so great that I knelt in front of the couch and cried out to the Lord asking for help.

I sensed that the Lord would intervene and that the Chinese government would set his wife and daughter free because of the mighty God that Hui served. I grabbed the phone, which was near the couch to call someone from church. After dialing a few numbers, I was able to reach a man named Danny, who was one of the elders. He became very excited as I explained to him what had happened. Then we prayed together.

The next day my wife and I went to church as usual. We arrived a little late and sat in the back of the room. Towards the end of the service the pastor said that Hui had an announcement to make. Hui stepped up to the microphone and told everyone that Chinese officials had gone to his wife and told her to quit her job, pack all her belongings and leave the country as soon as possible. They told her to take their daughter with as well.

“It’s a miracle!” Hui shouted, as everyone applauded. I sat there too stunned to react.

Then Danny stood up and said that I had something I should share about this. When I had finished telling the story I looked at Hui and said, “Indeed, it is a miracle.”

After services ended, I found Hui outside – we hugged for a moment before I asked him, “When did the officials come to your wife?” He told me the time and I realized that it had been just hours after I had called Danny to say this would happen. God is awesome!

[Hui received his doctorate degree one-year later. He decided to remain in the USA with his wife and daughter. He now heads up a research and development department for a Fortune 100 company.]