Many People Are Asking:

"Is God Real?"

We have incredible new evidence
that answers one of life's most important questions 

Knowing the answer to the question of whether God is real or not is literally the difference between eternity in Heaven or Hell.

You need to know the right answer – without any doubt whatsoever! Our goal here is to help you realize a closer relationship with God by eliminating doubts of His existence, and help Christians searching for abundance, prosperity, healings and blessings.

CastingOutDoubt provides authentic proof that God does exist. Undeniable and Irrefutable proof. So incredible is the evidence on this website that scientists have been challenged to disprove it, and they CANNOT! Some are literally brought to tears when they read this incredible evidence.

The Lord has revealed Himself to Pastor Tim in many incredible and powerful ways. He is truly one of God's chosen and has set up this very website to allow Christians all over the world to come together and receive the spiritual confidence they need in every walk of their lives. Are you ready for a closer walk with The Lord? Do you need healings, blessings and miracles? Welcome to CastingOutDoubt!

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”
– C. S. Lewis

Every morning Pastor Tim thanks The Lord for
another chance to serve Him. Over the years
the pastor has done a number of great things
because of his passion and love for
God and people.



Closing The Gateways To Hell

If you are facing challenges in finances, health, or relationships – there is a reason. Sins open the Gateways to Hell,
from where Satan tries to intercept and block the blessings and abundance that God has for you.

Do you want to be blessed with God’s infinite abundance?
Do you want to be healed of physical and spiritual ailments?
Do you want to heal your relationships?
Do you want to be what God needs you to be, and spend eternity with our Lord?

We will teach you step-by-step, exactly how to close those Gateways to Hell and end the spiritual harassment. This alone could result in you being healed of physical and spiritual ailments, having your relationships restored, being what God needs you to be, and becoming blessed with God’s infinite abundance.
Closing the Gateways to Hell is a powerful 10-day prayer system that will cast off the entanglements of Satan and let the blessings of The Lord shine in!